Jan 14, 2018

Nobody Cares Go Harder Ep 24 - Clown Barbers, Minion Vacuums, and Duncan’s Birthday

Welcome to episode 24 of Nobody Cares Go Harder! Duncan and Matthew are back once again to continue crushing out podcasts in 2018 for your listening pleasure. So lend us your ears as we discuss Duncan's experience with a real life clown barber (@ritchietheclown on IG), the differences we've noticed in legal marjiuana from the states we have visted, mudslides, global warming, pro wrestling, and Duncan's upcoming birthday plans in LA.

As always, we appreciate YOU and your support. Until next time remember...don't not be a dick for no reason, try and be present in the moment, and for fuck's sake people ... NOBODY CARES GO HARDER!! 


Jan 5, 2018

Nobody Cares Go Harder Ep 23 - Dog Talk

Welcome to a new year and a new episode of NOBODY CARES GO HARDER!!! After a little hiatus Duncan and Matthew are back doing what we do best, not caring and going harder. Join as we once again fire up the studios and get reacquainted with long distance podcasting. On this episode we catch up on what has been going on in our lives the past few months, discuss why homeless people always seem to have so many possesions for not having anywhere to put them, new tattoos and of course DOGS!!! Well actually there is A LOT of dog talk (hence the title of the episode), so if you don't like dogs then kindly fuck off!! Just kidding, well not really...you should like dogs and you should like hearing us talk about them and other random shit. So pop in your earbuds or crank up your stereo and join us as we once again venture down the conversation rabbit hole. 

Thank you for listening and for your support!! AND, as always, NOBODY CARES GO HARDER!!!


Aug 22, 2017

Nobody Cares Go Harder Ep 22 - I’m Late Posting This, Privilage, Duncan’s New Digs and Puching Nazis In The Face

Ohhhhhh Helllllo, and welcome to Episode 22 of Nobody Cares Go Harder! Matthew was a bit late posting this (we recorded it last Thursday so blame him), but that by no way means you shouldn't listen in as the boys discuss Duncan's new digs in Chicago and how life on the road is treating him, our thoughts on privilage, punching Nazis in the face, and basically just being a good god damn person.

This was our first video/phone podcast since Duncan is out in the world living his dream so please disregard some of the bandwidth issues if you hear his voice stutter a bit. AND have no fear because we will be fixing that problem one way or another because we dont care and go harder. 

So listen in and enjoy the first episode of Nobody Cares Go Harder with Duncan on the road and Matthew in the new (not original) Mile High Studio. We appreciate all of your support and lending us your ears and minds for a few as we all continue to not care and go harder. #NOBODYCARESGOHARDER 


Aug 7, 2017

Nobody Cares Go Harder Ep 21 - Celebrity Worship, Gypsy Tears, Turning Obstacles into Opportunities, and Action Words

Welcome to Episode 21 of Nobody Cares Go Harder!! Duncan and Matthew are in the original Mile High Studio for the final time as Duncan is preparing to head out and join the circus in the next couple of days. Listen is as we give our thoughts on how the podcast has progressed since it's inception and what we are excited to see it become as the show goes mobile with Duncan being on the road. We also discuss people's outlook on life/situations, turning obstacles into opportunities, our adventures to Slayer and The Denver Burger Battle, a random conversation our tv shows preferences for some reason, and of course THE LIST!!!

As always, we thank you for tuning in and lending us your ears. Always remember that we appreciate you and ... NOBODY CARES GO HARDER!


Jul 28, 2017

Nobody Cares Go Harder Ep 20 - Junk In The Trunk, Don’t Judge a Book By It’s Cover and Duncan’s Big Announcement

Duncan and Matthew are doubling down their double digit podcast numbers with Episode 20 of Nobody Cares Go Harder!!! Join the boys as they discuss a myriad of topics such as rock music, when birthdays turn into a job (and why they shouldn't), not judging people based on looks, why it's important to have confidence and respect in yourself, and of coure, Duncan's BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. 

Sit back and enjoy as we once again go down various rabbit holes that some how always bring us back to the same thing, not caring and going harder. 

Thanks for listening and remember NOBODY CARES GO HARDER. 


Jul 20, 2017

Nobody Cares Go Harder Ep 19 - Snowflakes, Cricket Eating Reptiles, Paying Attention, and Earthworm Jim

Wlecome to Episode 19 of Nobody Cares Go Harder! Duncan and Matthew are back disecting eachothers brains as they discuss hot topics such as being aware of your surroundings, sleeping on a tour bus, Tupac still being on the loose in Cuba, music tastes/opinions, and the despicable Earthworm Jim! As always, NOBODY CARES GO HARDER!!


Jul 13, 2017

Nobody Cares Go Harder Ep 18 - The Universe Is Under No Obligation To Make Sense To You

Nobody Cares Go Harder is back with Episode 18! A strep throat situation kept us out of the studio last week but we are back once again, and not caring and going harder with an extended play episode. Join Duncan and Matthew as they explore the phrase "the universe is under no obligation to make sense to you" (aka "I dont have to explain my art to you Warren"), talk about super-max federal prisions, never seeing the sky again and delve down other random rabbit holes that you definitely dont want to miss! Listen in, dont care, go harder and remember that things don't have to aways make sense. NOBODY CARES GO HARDER


Jun 30, 2017

Nobody Cares Go Harder Ep 17 - Technical Difficulties, Skewed Priorities, Scalpers, and Life Goals

Welcome to episode 17 of Nobody Cares Go Harder!! Duncan and Matthew are back after a week off and (after dealing with some techincal difficulties) are coming to you once again from the Mile High Studio. Join us as we discuss skewed priorities, dwelling on emotions, saying "fuck money" (not to be confused with fuck you money), what we would want to do to try and make the world a better place if our bank accounts allowed, and we talk about some of the emails we finally got!! We run a little long this week because we missed you last week but hey we aren't caring and going harder and if you're listening to this we are sure you are doing the same. Thanks for listening, writing in, and always remembering .... NOBODY CARES GO GARDER


Jun 18, 2017

Nobody Cares Go Harder Ep 16 - What’s with today……today? AND Cheesecake!

Episode 16 of Nobody Cares Go Hareder is here! Join Duncan and Matther as they talk about the infamous day that was June 14th, 2017. The gents pull double duty coming staright from recording an Oh No Wrestling podcast and, as always, they are not caring and going harder, talking about the important things in life like cheesecake, buying cd's/tapes and whatever elase comes up.

Thanks for listening and enjoy!


Jun 10, 2017

Nobody Cares Go Harder Ep 15 - Blood Oaths, Death Pacts, Flesh Eating Bugs, and The Weather

Welcome to Episode 15 of Nobody Cares Go Harder! Join Duncan and Matthew back in the Mile High Studio for another riveting conversation that includes the weather, upcoming up everyone in Colorado should check out, and Michael's arts and craft store. Things also get a little more serious as we make a death pact, have Finnagan draw up some blood oath contracts for us to sign, and discuss flesh eating bugs. As always we appreciate you and thank you so much for listening. NOBODY CARES GO HARDER!


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