Nobody Cares Go Harder Ep 21 - Celebrity Worship, Gypsy Tears, Turning Obstacles into Opportunities, and Action Words


Welcome to Episode 21 of Nobody Cares Go Harder!! Duncan and Matthew are in the original Mile High Studio for the final time as Duncan is preparing to head out and join the circus in the next couple of days. Listen is as we give our thoughts on how the podcast has progressed since it's inception and what we are excited to see it become as the show goes mobile with Duncan being on the road. We also discuss people's outlook on life/situations, turning obstacles into opportunities, our adventures to Slayer and The Denver Burger Battle, a random conversation our tv shows preferences for some reason, and of course THE LIST!!!

As always, we thank you for tuning in and lending us your ears. Always remember that we appreciate you and ... NOBODY CARES GO HARDER!